Sunday, 29 May 2016

Save the children donate a maternity word worth 180 million to kitswamba health centre three

By Moris Mumbere,

Kasese: In a move to fight maternal child death rate in the country save the children anon governmental organization has further extended its services to sub counties without maternity words which has been a clear observation as to why mothers are still dying while producing.

On a new special project of building a maternity word to kitswamba health centre three in Kasese district busongora north constituency the district coordinator Mrs Annet Biryande said the sub county experience a challenge of maternity wards where by most mothers have to move from the sub county to kilembe and rwasande health centre three for service which is expensive since mothers are always charged a certain cost,

“We decided to bring this service here because in the whole sub county theres only one maternity word which is very far and mothers are charged which same mother may not be able” Annet said.

Annet added that the construction of project will cost over 180 million and is to be done in 120 days to be fully complete since all resource is available and the clear plan for the structure is already in place.

On the official launch of the construction the district health officer Kasese district, Dr. Baseke Yusuf hailed save the children for identifying gaps that have not yet been covered by government in the district and the region at large.
“ In Four sub counties there’s only one maternity word of Rwasanda health centre three which is private which all mothers in the constituency depend on for services and its now an advantage that mothers are to get services without charges” Baseke narrated.
The district health officer Dr. Baseke narrated that most mothers have to move from where ever they are and get services from Rwasande which is the only maternity word in the four sub counties of kitswamba, kyabarugira, rugendabara and kirabaho Sub County in Kasese district.
Baseke advised residents to take maximum supervision of the contraction so that quality work can be done at the site since engineers are always cheating while constructing.