Sunday, 8 May 2016

Two hundred bicycles given to 400 VHTS after training.



Ntoroko: over 400 hundred village health team (VHTS) have been trained and passed out after a two months training by health professionals under the supervision of save the children in partnership with the Korea international cooperation (KOICA) aimed at fighting maternal child death in the district.

At the official pass out held under the theme “ VHTS reaching every child in every house hold in Ntoroko” at Ntoroko district headquarters kibuku village the chief guest who is the director health services Dr. Anthony Mbonye held the VHTS for committing themselves to save mothers and children in the community without pay which he said it’s not common in the country.

“if one advertised and asked people to apply to work for free frew would turn up but am impressed with you for having turned up to work for your community” Anthony said.

While handing over 200 bicycles, medicine tools, ICCM register and respiratory timers Anthony observed that ever since the district started engaging the VHTS in public health matters it’s doing well compared to other districts which does not involve such people in fighting for child maternal death in the country.

“health is made at house to house, when things go wrong it means samething is wrong at home so learn the value of VHTS” Anthony added

He further said HIV/AIDS is lowering down due to education done by VHTS which improves living standard which influenced him to continue lobbing for a health centre four since the district has only health centre three.

He advised those who believe in witchcraft to stop the doctrine as it was in early days of attributing every disease on certain things.

The district health officer Dr. Maxwell Okelo said Ntoroko District has only six established government Health facilities and 1 PNFP making them 7 facilities. Only 3 of the facilities are located in town councils and the rest are located in the rural sub counties. Even still, 3 out of 6 sub counties have HCIIs, 3 out of the 4 town councils have facilities, leaving Kibuuku town council without. Because most sub counties lack health facilities, where most of our populations live, it means people have to move long distances to access services.

Okelo said with support from Save the children, they now have 400 VHTs trained in Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM).children under 5 years are mostly disturbed with diarrhea, cough and fever.

He added that the trained VHTS can diagnosed and treated at community level with ideas taught to them.

Before save the children offered a Sicilian machine no mother had been operated at any of the health centres but currently over 170 mothers have undergone Sicilian process without being referred to any health facility of another district.

The deputy chairperson five Musoke Justus hailed the VHTS with interest that they are going to end fails information of witch crafting in most villages because accurate information will be delivered.

Among those who attended the pass out was the Ntoroko RDC, Wilson, Dr. steven Twenomuzuni pastors, among others.