Friday, 24 June 2016

395 families in Kasese attain skills in avoiding domestic violence.


KASESE: Over 395 family house hold in Kasese coming from different sub counties in the district have acquire family health skills aimed at fighting domestic violence which has been a most dangerous practice by men in Kasese district.
The training which consisted of nine main lesions among which, understanding gender roles, men, gender and health, happy and un happy relationships, pleasure in relationships, understanding violence against women, health timing and spacing of tenancy and family planning methods, communication about family planning, condom’s use, defining manhood and discussing changes among the nine points.
“We as family health international (fhi) a none governmental organization in Uganda have received several reports from married couples complaining of being beaten, men being influential in child drop outs, family planning matters and coming home while drunk which has resulted into infecting mothers with HIV/ AIDS” Ronald said.
The technical officer family health international Mr. Ronald Aliniatwe while officiating several graduation ceremonies held in nine sub counties in Kasese district among which citing Kisinga, Hima town council, Karusandara, Mukunyu and kitswamba sub county kyabarungira village where several reports of early marriages in the district is the talk of the day but through “EMANZI” program an initiative to improve lives of people in advancing partners and communities in the country most marriages will be transformed from bad to model homes.
“The main objective of this training is to increase men’s understanding of gender and how gender its self affects men and women in terms of health and health services for the community transformation” Ronald narrated.
Ronald added that the program that took two months training organized by family health international (FHI360) in collaboration with USIAID and JSI research and training institute, different groups have learnt several ideas that can make most Ugandans leave happily in their marriages’ basing on the fact that there has to be fully commanding responsibilities taken by men ignoring home duties which are fully attended to by women yet men can also do the same.
“Where is it written that a man can’t cook, wash children, carry water and sweep the compound? Is it a grantee that all duties are to be done by women while men are at trading Centre’s drinking alcohol” Ronald asked?

Ronald narrated that most programs in families are fully taken over by men such as family planning in homes, the man decides how many children to produce without minding how their future will be, marrying every season with men they don’t find it difficult since they have a higher say than women in homes, such puts most Ugandans to a concern on how to fight such through Emanzi program which can educate men on how to share responsibilities in homes as a way of fighting domestic violence.
Ronald explained the meaning of “EMANZI” which is a local word meaning a strong and brave man, being a local word teachers most men to look responsible, having happy families, guarding against violence in homes, give a woman time to understand what your plan may be if developmental and taking decisions together as a family on family planning programs.
Speaking to some of the graduate testifying to the public Mr. Munduwabo Asanasio who married at 16 years while in primary six (P.6) currently 27 with six children to Miss Biira Doreen then 13 currently 25 years said both used not to consider matters of family planning as a fact since bible scriptures say produce as many as you can without knowing that there will be need of taking them to school when time comes, currently all need school fees but due to the training attained the two have grounds to decide on how both can be in school without making excuses on who to blame since “Emanzi” program has educated them on how they can handle such issues.
Masereka Expendito father of 13 children also confessed to her wife in the presence of people for cheating on her saying it was ignorance but every date he would make to any woman she would produce twins, which happened four times making eight children outside marriage and the wife at home had produced twins as well which tarnished his reputation but through  the training the two can now decide together and the wife stands on safe side since cheating habits’ have been stopped and can plan with his wife on family planning issues and how to use a condom.
One of the guest Maate Robert hailed the management for remembering Kasese district and extending such services to the district which promotes unity in the families of most local people.
Maate tasked every graduate to own the program not taking it as if it belongs to family health initiative which will aid in many family programs.
He further said without NGO’S government would be doing nothing on matters related to educating family programs.

While interacting with Allan Kabunga urged families to use the opportunity since most of the projects that come in Uganda aim at children, mothers, disabled people but none NGO’s plan for families which are carrying many challenges of men coming home late, drank people among other confusing issues in homes