Wednesday, 8 June 2016

65 Assistant police superintendent attain refresher training.

By moris mumbere,
Kasese: police force has taken 65 assistant police superintendant for refresher course following different post election political violence incidents that happened in Rwenzori region.
“As police we had early said we will train police following the violence that happened in Rwenzori so that if deployed at police posts can be able to handle issues in a skilled way not as locals” kamya said
 The refresher course will take one month and will be held in kasese municipality, kihara village with aims of equipping police with new skills learn how to arrest as police officers, give them police numbers since most of them were on pay role but not registered with police numbers.
While addressing the trainers at the training ground in kihara the superintendent of police training commissioner Dr. kamya john urged trainers not to look at the training as punishment but as a promotion in the police unit.
“Some of you may think you’re going to be harrashed but I want to assure you with police the more you get training just known you’re being promoted” kamya said.
Dr. kamya said most of the trained police officers were S P C’s without police numbers but currently they will be given numbers as a way of promotion.
He advised them to maintain discipline and avoid wasting time on trading centre’s looking for alcohol which he said if found one will be disqualified.
The Rwenzori east commissioner Obura Deo said the train will include skills on how to arrest criminals, community policing, police work and detaining people in the police cells.
“The reason why they trained in kasese not being taken to other training schools is because other police officers are still occupying the area for the six month training and lacked space to accommodate them” obura said in an interview.
Among those trained 12 are ladies, 53 are males and more seven will be brought for training.