Monday, 20 June 2016

Four dead bodies discovered in polythen bags.

By Moris Mumbere


Kasese: police has today morning discovered three dead bodies tied in polythen bags dumped near two different church points in Kasese.

The two bodies were discovered near St. james church of Uganda in base camp ward Kasese central division and the other body of the third person was found dumped near the catholic fathers house along kijongo road within Kasese municipality and the other body found in kisanga sub county.

At scene of crime a bajaja boda-boda registration  number UED 149/S was dumped at the scene which is suspected to have dropped the bodies of the two which a among the three one is a female. 
“We as police we have not identified the deceased since none of them have identification to tell who they are” Odongo Samuel the DPC said.

Odongo the Kasese district police commander asked most people to walk with identifications since anything can happen, that’s why the government invested a lot in making identification cards so that people can be identified.

Addressing residents of base camp at the scene where the deceased were dumped the Odongo Samuel asked every to be vigilant because none of the killers were identified the same can happen thinking it’s the same people yet there are criminals targeting certain people in the district.

“I appeal to the public to deliver information to police in case anyone among you locals have identified same one so that justice can be prevailed to the deceased” Odongo said.
Odongo tasked everyone to assist in investigation since no suspect arrested to assist in investigation which could help to have justice prevailed to the deceased person.

later The assistant Rwenzori East region police commander Nyamusanga jane narrated that two people have been arrested suspected to have been behind the killings but the two seem to be traumatized since none of them speaks or can recognize them.
While interacting with the Kasese Boda-boda cyclist chairperson Ahemed Amin confirmed to daily monitor that the deceased and the Boda-boda discovered does not belong to Kasese municipality association group basing on the records he attain.

He however condemned the act and advising fellow cyclist to be vigilant as police finds details of the deceased and the owner of the motor cycle.