Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Rwenzururu kingdom task police to explain why royal guards are hunted.

Rwenzururu kingdom task police to explain why royal guards are hunted.

By Moris Mumbere,


Kasese: The Rwenzururu kingdom has tasked police to give explanation as to why royal guards are being hunted and arrested in every corner they reach and be framed to be attackers of government institution even when they are in their own homes or on their homes.
“Why are these young innocent boys being hunted yet the government institution took time to train them to serve the kingdom as traditional guards, do mean to say the current police officers have not recongised that the kingdom exists with its official?” Bwambale Clarence the kindom spokes person asked.
In a press release issued today at the kingdom prime minister’s office where officials had gathered trying to refute allegations that was published in the New vision alleging a killed royal guard in Biganda to have attacked the barracks yet police found the innocent boy Julius Manda of 17 years at his home when he had come to check on his parents in the area.
Bwambale added that the kingdom has made several dialogues with various task holders and government representatives to have peace in rwenzori region which everybody lives to impress but the resurgence of the killings scares every person in the region.
“ We can’t continue talking about peace when police is hunting for royal guards killing them on stress and on trading centre’s and other people for their personal interests which puts locals at risk of doubting each other in the communities they live in yet there police would maintain peace in the region.” Bwambale said.
Bwambale narrated that the killing in the region started as if it was election violence without notice that police was targeting traditional royal guards which has left over  seven royal guards killed in a scuffle of self defense.
While talking to the father of the recent deceased Julius Manda  Mr. Irumba lawrance tasked government to explain whether those on duty cant visit parents in their homes with working uniform.
“ I thought same one would be safe if he come home with the uniform that clearly indentifies who he is rather than same people who just appear without any identification” irumba said.
The killed royal guards so far are, four of the men killed in the Kasenyi shooting were Nason Bwambale, 37, who is survived by two widows and five children, Jocknus Musalira, 27, survived by one widow and 3 children and James Wayakwa, 34, father of 3 children survived by one widow, also killed was 40-year-old Saleri kake, who survived by one widow and 9 children, Uziah Mumbere Nyamingi, 56 years and survived by 3 wives and 21 children, died in a night attack on a joint patrol of UPDF and Police in Kikonzo Ward, Hima Town Council on the night of March 9, Yofesi Mogoye a royal guard who survived with 13 children and three wives, and Muhabira Joseph 28years who survived with three children and one wife.

Others among those who were killed are Geoffrey Kasimba a police man who was killed at kidodo police post he survived by one wife and six children, Muhindo Donat he survived by one wife and one child, Kule Muzamiru a thirteen year old boy who was shot three times by soldiers at the tally Centre on 19th during the delay to declare the winners in the recent parliamentary and presidential candidates and four flying scode police officers who were killed as they attacked the Rwenzururu kingdom palace.
Bwambale advised those who hart royal guards to know that they are part of the kingdom which is recognized by government.
Speaking to the Rwenzori East regional police commander Obura Deo narrated that they are not hunting for royal guards but on May 29th there was anonymous latter dropped in Bigado and local picked the anonymous latter and distributed it to all authorities and called for a community sensitization meeting program.
Obura added that on June 1st after the meeting police advised local to be vigilant and not to take the latter for granted and as locals authorities saw royal guards in bigado alerted the police and as police we did patrol and moved to the palace where they surrounded a certain house where the local said they had a meeting.
“ As police reached the house asked everyone who was in the room to move out one by one but out of five one royal guard come straight and stubbed a police officer in the neck where police reacted in self defense and shot to him but as they checked his Identification he was attached to the kingdom,” obura said  
He added that those who accepted to come out peaceful was arrested and other went on hinding which developed suspission among security personally.
Obura threaten to deal with all those who are still following the line of scaring local to face security actions and warned those planning to stop because security is ready to operate in any area where threats are.
However the Kasese district chairperson five Sibendire Bigogo warned journalist who publishes turnishing issues without reaching the scene of crime which continues to tarnish the image of the kingdom and kasese.
“ I personally reached the scene of crime and met locals and had from local that the boy had visited the palace to check on friends but the hatred that the chairperson of bigado had with all royal guards rushed to police immediately reporting and without investigating police came and shot the boy, the same incident like that of Buhuhira where the Giso pointed at royal guards and police did the shooting” sibendire said.
The chairperson added that In Kasese journalists are corrupted instead of writing what they saw at the scene they write false which they fill will put them on map.
“In media people publish stories with objective, accuracy but if you ask whether there’s a police barracks as published by New vision reporter Wilson Asiimwe he would be imprisoned for deformation.
He asked police to find means of investigating situations otherwise royal guards have homes which they have to visit and can also attend to home duties like farming.
More information on royal guards the IGP Provided shoes, and belts to wear as royal guards and detective machines to assist them on kingdom official duties.