Thursday, 23 March 2017

Bishop launchers shop to shop fundraising.

Bishop launchers shop to shop fundraising.



KASESE:  The Kasese catholic bishop has launched shop to shop
fundraising for the construction of  Kasese catholic cathedral which
is expected to cost shillings 5 billion.
“ Most people need the church but church leaders have failed to extent
it to them, in this shop to shop fundraising those who have taken long
to reach church will gain blessing and give what they can for the
construction of their church” bishop Francis Kibiira said in an
Kibiira narrated that the construction of the church work had stopped
due to lack of funds but with hope that if they meet church members in
several markets and shops in different towns of the district more more
will be collected within a shop period.
Kibiira added that in two hours of the day during his walk to few
shops in town over 1.5million was collected within Kasese main market
which is an indication that more would be received if the move
“Am ready to move to every place in the country so long as am to get
money to built a magnificent church for Christians” kibiira said.
Kabiira appealed to everyone to support Gods work no matter the
religion that one belongs in since blessing come from one God.
He added that several activities like running marathon, auctioning of
properties so that money can be solicited to do Gods work.
The chairperson three Kasese central division Safari Martin who
accompanied the bishop to several shops in town hailed locals for the
encouraging support towards the construction of the cathedral which
will improve the image of the town.

Martin added that what was given in two hours indicate that people
love their church and are ready for the lords work.
Motooro Biira one of the traders narrated most of the traders have
been failing to give to church due to their busy schedules but due to
the bishops encouragement more traders will contribute and the work
will be done smoothly.