Friday, 31 March 2017

Harmful Transformer oil is used for chips and chapatti making

Research indicate that Transformer oil is used for chips and chapatti making


KASESE: Electricity companies in Kasese have warned the public to be vigilant following the Research made by several power distributing company that transformer oil that is drained from several transformers in different transmitting point is current used by chapatti makers from different manufacturing places in the country.
“We always find most of our transformers drained, vandalized others linking without any clear notification on who might have tempered with them and the secrete behind vandalizing them, until when it was discovered and researched in kenya during a training workshop where we were informed that the oil is used by chapatti makers” lubega Stephen said.
During the awareness meeting organized by the electricity regulatory authority held at Verina gardens yesterday the public tasked the distribution companies to give reasons why power goes off and takes long to be connected without any notification that has left many lose their properties due to fire out breaks when power comes back with high voltages beyond domestic consumption levels.
The Kasese district Umeme engineer for maintenance lubega Stephan in his response said, thieves break the transformers and disconnect the power without the companies notice which they notice after some days leaving the public in darkness since the oil helps in the transformers process.
He added that all along they have been wandering what the thieves use the oil for but of recent they realized that it’s used for chapatti making by several venders on streets and other places.
“Had it not been the training we attained in Kanya, as Umeme Company in Uganda we would continue asking what the transformer oil is used for” lubega added.
Lubega further noted that the reports made indicate that the transformer oil favors chapatti and Cheeps makers since it takes long while cycling on the fry pan to get finished and dry compared to other cooking oils which are costly that why most of the venders use it.
Lubega added that, another category of people have stated mixing transformer oil in the cosmetics for their bodies.

He appealed to the public to stand warned and worried of their health since the oil consists of cooper sulphate (cuso4) which is harm full for human consumption.
While looking at the effect of the transformer oil on human consumption the managing director kilembe investment electricity company Mr. Gideon Mujungu narrated several causes such as lung cutting that has affected many people in the country, which may result into lung cancer since the used transformer oil in chapatti making is not good for human consumption.
Gideon further confirmed its effect basing of live practice where when drops land on any vegetable or grass it immediately dries off, and in same area where transformers are placed grass dry due to some linkages on the transformer that drops the oil.
Gideon indentified other users as those who do welding work who use the oil for their machine saying all these are being hunted to find the real person who vandalize company transformers. 
The deputy RDC Minadabu Muhindo asked Umeme management to differentiate the difference between the chapatti cooked by transformer oil and the original cooking oil so that the public can be on the alert of such health risks foods by appearance.
The councilor representing Kamaiba ward Mzee Israel Masereka said he had been tipped on the information while staying in kampala that cheeps consume a lot of oil and most of the sellers opted to using transformer oil since it takes long on the pan while cycling.
Efforts to talk to any of the street chapatti and cheeps makers over the said information were impossible since their daily duties are always done at night.