Monday, 16 July 2012

About the Bakonjo and Bamba

By: Kasese Online news team
In the early 20th century, the Bakonjo and Bamba tribes were integrated into the Tooro Kingdom as a political manoeuvre by the British colonialists: the neighbouring Bunyoro monarchy was anti-colonialist and rose up in arms in what was known as the Nyangire rebellion.
The British wished to strengthen the pro-British Tooro Kingdom then. The Bakonjo and Bamba initially accepted being arbitrarily made subjects of the Tooro monarch but asked the Uganda Protectorate to provide them with their own district in the 1950s, separate from Tooro District. They successfully seceded from Tooro Kingdom on June 30, 1962. After a long struggle that was affected by different mind sets, including the pro-Obusinga and anti-Obusinga, government of President Museveni finally recognised the Rwenzururu Kingdom on October 19, 2009. The Rwenzururu Kingdom claims to be stretching to the Eastern DR Congo with a big delegation always crossing borders for the cultural functions every year.