Thursday, 19 July 2012


The Week of 25th-29th.June.2012 will be a memorable one for the citizens of Bundibugyo, Ntoroko, Kabarole and Kasese Districts. A team of two hundred eighty six (286) monitors were trained on skills of monitoring service delivery; collecting evidence based information, packaging it and using it to cause action for improved service delivery, and the trainings were held at World harvest mission in Nyahuka T.council of Bundibugyo District, Kisomoro sub county community hall in Kabarole district, Karugutu p/school in Ntoroko district and YMCA hall in Rugendabara, Kasese district. These monitors were selected from twenty six (26) sub counties of; Nduguto, Bubandi,Ngamba,Bukonzo and Bubukwanga in Bundibugyo, and Karugutu,kanara,Rwebisengo,Kibuuku T.council,Kanara T.council and Rwebisengo T.council in Ntoroko, and Kisomoro, Kabonero, Buhesi, Rwimi, Katebwa and Rubona T.council in Kabarole, and Hiima T.council, Karusandara, Kitswamba, Kyabarungira, Buhuhira, Bwesumbu, Bugoye, Maliba and Rukoki sub county in Kasese district
The training is under the project; Enhancing civic competence for social accountability implemented in a consortium by Rwenzori consortium for civic competence(RWECO) of which Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development is a member taking up the above sub counties. The actions in this project are being funded by Hivos till the end of 2013
The monitoring exercise under this project targets three service delivery sectors of; Naads, Education and Health. Tools with detailed questions aimed at sourcing for information have been developed, monitors trained on how to use them and distributed to each monitor for all the above sectors. They were also trained on the use of Huduma; an e-platform through our e-societies at the district headquarters that is used by RWECO to source and disseminate information. The information sourced will be used to cause actions addressing service delivery issues that will finally lead to reduced corruption and improved service delivery in the above districts