Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Inspector General of Police Maj.Gen. Kale Kaihura meets with His Majesty Omusinga

By Kasese online news team The Inspector General of Police Maj.Gen. Kale Kaihura yesterday held consultative talks with Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma at Buhikira Royal Palace concerning the two conflicts in the Kingdom. In the a closed meeting, the Omusinga and Kaihura discussed at length how to put a peaceful end on the clashes between the Bamba and Bakonzo in Bundibugyo district and the tensions emerging from the Basongora establishing their own Kingdom. Speaking after the closed meeting, Kaihura said that they have all agreed to solve the Bundibugyo problems through dialogue between the elders of the two tribes. Kaihura who spent two days in Bundibugyo district before visiting the Omusinga said the area is now in control of the police but there was need for more talks so that the Bamba and Bakonzo revive their brotherhood co-existence. On the issue of the Basongora, the IGP urged the Rwenzururu Kingdom not to go into any fights because the government is already having modalities of solving the conflict. The Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma assured government that the Bakonzo are not intending to go to war with the Basongora unless provoked in any life threatening way. The Omusinga said the Basongora did not respect the rights of the Rwenzururu Kingdom by establishing their own without any consultations. He warned the Basongora leaders not to make any other steps that can provoke the patience of the Banyarwenzururu. The open meeting was attended by the Obusinga Prime Minister Loice Biira Bwambale and the Mayor Kasese Municipality Godfrey Kabyanga.