Monday, 13 August 2012


News updated at E-Society Kasese

An Ebola scare has this evening hit Kasese district after it was revealed some hunters have eaten a Chimpanzee that strayed from Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The Law enforcement warden in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park Mr. Rujumba Bwambale says the Chimpanzee that strayed to the community yesterday evening, was killed by hunters in Buhunga village, Kilembe sub-county who shared a piece among themselves. According to eye witnesses the Chimpanzee was killed using spears at 11: 30 am and shared among the hunters. Rujumba embarked on village wide sensitization about the dangers the animal may have to the community if eaten but no one surrendered the meat. He said that since Ebola has always been reported to be caused by eating of monkeys, it is not better to let people eat a chimpanzee that comes from the same primates’ class. Rujumba said the Uganda Wildlife Authority only secured specimen meat and bones weight one kilogram that will be taken to Entebbe for examination of any ebola virus. Ebola has for the last three weeks been a scare to most districts in western Uganda after it was confirmed in Kibaale district. However, some of the concerned residents suggest that whoever might have eaten the Chimpanzee meat should be quarantined for a number of days as more investigations are taken.