Thursday, 2 August 2012

Kayihura transfers Kasese police commander

The Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, has transferred Kasese District police commander and some of his juniors for alleged incompetence and failure to handle the ongoing tribal conflict between the Bakonzo and Basongora. “My problem is with my commanders who have failed to look after their policemen. I have taken all of them to Kabalya for training, including their DPC George Abaho. This must change from now,” Lt. Gen. Kayihura said in Kasese on Monday. He made the remarks at Kilembe Hospital while visiting two policemen who sustained injuries when Muhokya police station was attacked last Friday by an armed gang. One policeman and three of the attackers were killed in the ensuing battle. “I am not happy at all with the guard system at this police station. I thank Alfred Lhusenge (a policeman at the station) for his courage to kill three attackers,” Lt. Gen. Kayihura said. “I thank God for this incident because it has helped me identify the weakness and the loopholes within our system,” Lt. Gen. Kayihura added. He expressed concern that since the incident, none of the police administrators from both district and regional levels had visited the injured policemen at the hospital. Kayihura shocked “I am shocked but I am sorry, I would have reached here earlier. I thought that my people on the ground had done the needful,” Lt . Gen. Kayihura said. He ordered the transfer of the injured policemen to Mulago Hospital for better treatment. He also promised to cater for them and gave them Shs500, 000 each for maintenance.