Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Kasese Municipal Mayor vows to fight land grabbing

 News by; E-Society
Story by; Makanika Edward

Kasese Municipality has never given up on the matter about the disputed plots 43 and 44 that was allegedly fraudulently sold to Kasese Business tycoon Paul Asaaba Mudaki.
Speaking on Monday 18/08/2014 evening to Kasese Municipality Mayor, Godfrey Kabyanga, the matter was referred to the land registry in Kampala and that the Mr. Asaaba had been asked to write, giving reasons why his land tittle cannot be cancelled but instead went to court.

Mr. Kabyanga said that the matter Asaaba was referring in courts of law had no any coloration with the said plot matter but about queries on his building plan.
The mayor vowed that he was ready to follow up that matter to the last because it had close relationship with the anticipated Kasese Main market in Kasese town.

He blamed the situation to some individuals in the former Kasese town council whom he said were not sensitive on the future on the town.
He called for cooperation amongst the local leaders and also the community bin Kasese to jointly impress plans aimed at developing Kasese Municipality.