Thursday, 28 August 2014

Opposition councillors walk out of council

By Samuel

Yesterday a District council meeting was convened by the District speaker. the meeting that was held at the new District Mulch-purpose hall in Kisagazi attracted a number of dignitaries like the RDC Kasese and members from the civil society members

The meeting was shocked by a group of opposition members who tried to move a motion of two (Kimadi of Muhokya and Simbilisio of Rukoki sub counties)opposition members who had visited president Museveni in Rwakitura and were suspected to be  crossing to NRM party. these two members were present and were seated on the opposition side. the rest of the opposition members demanded that a motion of chasing them our of council since they had gotten there on FDC ticket and had let it down. the speaker refused to table the motion because it was not part of the days' business. This caused anger to the opposition members who the all left the house while the two said converts stayed in the house. later on in evening, the coucillors turned back to sign for their transport refund.


Among issues were evaluation of the first quarter performance where council eyed a number of achievements regarding service delivery.