Sunday, 17 April 2016

Two kings sign a royal communique agreement of peace in Rwenzori region.

By Moris Mumbere,
E- Society

Two kings sign a royal communique agreement of peace in Rwenzori region.

Kabarole: The two kings have signed a joint royal communiqué touching the memorandum of protocol between and amongst the Obisinga Bwa Rwenzururu and his delegation of the one side and the Obundigya Bwa Bamba and his delegation and other part in the presence of the leaders from the government team and its delegation to re-establish peace, security and stability in the region.

Rwenzururu cultural leader Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere and Lt.Col.Martin  Kamya Omudingiya wa Bwamba appended their signatures on the Royal Communiqué at Mountain of the Moon Hotel in Fort Portal on Thursday in the presence of justice James Ogola the Inter- Religious council members and Vice chairman NRM for Eastern Uganda Miko Mukula.
Basing on the fact that the Rwenzori region has in the recent past experienced a wave of tragic, traumatizing  and regrettable events and development characterized by insecurity and instability leading to the loss of lives and destruction of property of citizens of the republic of Uganda.
In the royal communiqué observed that the two kingdoms had a respective role and influence of both the Obusinga and obudigya in providing positive leadership and guidance to their subjects and people within the Rwenzori region specifically Uganda in general.
The royal communiqué tasked the two kingdoms to be Mindful of the strategic need and resolve by all the concerned stakeholders spare headed by the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu and the Obundigya Bwa Bamba under auspices of government of Uganda to permanently resolve the a above mentioned   simmerian potential conflict within the region through a thorough consultative process embodying transparency and mutual respect.
In the royal communiqué the kings agreed on four points and signed to insure that peace is prevailed among the four points include:
1.      To work tireless and endless towards re-establishing peace, security and stability in the region through promoting deliberate and strategic conflict resolution mechanisms, including early warning signals so as to prevent possibility of reoccurrence of situations that may again threaten peace and security in the region.
It has consequently been agreed and resolved that a permanent working committee comprising relevant stakeholders from the cultural institutions, government from the republic of Uganda and eminent citizens of Uganda be setup for the purposes of coordinating these efforts.
A road map beginning with the calling for cessation of hostilities to calling of consultative and coordination meetings of the two cultural institutions will be designed and agreed upon and implemented to its logical conclusion.
2.      To promote inter cultural institutional dialogue and activities as a confidence building mechanism between and amongst the above mentioned cultural institutions within the region and for the government of the republic of Uganda to continue proactively  engaging the said cultural institutions through process geared towards resolving and addressing their specific concerns and need of the institutions in accodence with article 246 of the constitution of the republic of Uganda.
 It has been commonly agreed and resolved that the two principles i.e the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu and the Obundigya Bwa Bamba will hold join mobilization rallies in their respective territories of jurisdiction with the purposeful message of peace, stability, and harmonious co-existence. Government of the republic Uganda will be represented at these joint mobilizations at the highest level of His excellence the president of Uganda as the fountain of honor.
3.      To work together as a cultural institutions with stake holders in the region to draw the clear dichotomy between national and local politics and the cultural institutions and to specifically curtail their respective subjects and people who are engaged in elective politics from evoking the cultural institution and to lies with government of the republic of Uganda to “immunize” the cultural institution from the body politics.
4.      To promote the principles of equity, justice and specifically respect for the rule and institution of law within the region and to particularly discourage impunity and such similar acts involving the people and subjects of the respective cultural institution of extra-judicial activities.
After reading through the four points the two kings signed the communique accepting to follow the rules so that peace can be prevailed in the region.
The mediator Capt. Micheal Mukula asked ever king to make a remark to the press where Omusinga Mumbere Charles hailed the organizers for bring them together to share peaceful words so that development can be achieved in the region.
“Whenever we think of developing in my district such instability occur which has limited us from developing” omusinga said.
He asked everyone to support them so that peace and stability can be prevailed.
The Omundigya Martin kamya in his simple remark said coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and remaining together is development.
The justice Jame Ogola hailed the two kings describing them as one family which started the strangle in the early 1950’s 60’s and 70’s with solders together  fighting for peace but their minds now seem to have diverted to get other things which is bad.
James said as elders the documents signed act as depository which will be kept for years by the inter religious council which is moving forward towards achieving peace in the region.