Thursday, 7 April 2016

Deputy DHO Speaks Out On Congestion At Fort Portal Referral


KABAROLE: Deputy DHO Speaks Out On Congestion At Fort Portal Referral.

The Deputy District Health Officer Kabarole Sister Susan Manimake has spoken out on the congestion at Fort Portal Regional referral hospital.

Last week the district paid impromptu visit to Fort Portal referral hospital following allegations of corruption, negligence and incompetence among the health workers.

During the meeting Dr.Charles Olara the Medical superintendent told the leaders that the health workers were overwhelmed by the big number of patients visiting the hospital.

Dr.Olara revealed that most of the patients flooding the hospital have signs of simple cases that would be handled at lower health centers IIs,IIIs and IVs.

Fort-Portal hospital serves the districts of Kabarole, Ntoroko, Bundibugyo, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa, Kamwenge and Kibale and according to the medical superintendent , the hospital receives about 2000 patients daily.

This he says it’s a burden to a small number of health workers to handle such huge number of patients.

Now, the deputy D.H.O Kabarole Sr.Manimake Susan discloses that over 600 mothers deliver at Fort Portal hospital every month. She attributes this number to the mothers who fail to utilize the Health center IIIs and IVs that offer the same services.

Sr.Manimake says the only way to decongest Fort Portal hospital is to use lower health centers, strengthening their supervision and provision of accommodation facilities for medics to enable them stay at stations and execute their duties effectively.

She was responding to questions raised by Civil Society Organizations during their quarterly forum at Kitumba district headquarters on Tuesday that was organized by Tooro Dev.