Sunday, 3 April 2016




“am pledging to ask the president to withdraw the heavily deployment force called flying scode in different places in the region so that we can use dialogue means to settle the problem” Mukula said

Dr. Fit. George Captain Michael Mukula, the National Vice Chairman NRM Eastern on-behalf of government said this in a press brief with the Rwenzururu Kingdom, His Majesty Charles Wesley Mumbere after a two hour close meeting at the royal palace in Kasese district.

Mukala obsevered that the clashes in the region are not tribal but political which he pledged to address to the president so that peace can be prevailed in rwenzori, he further said polical issues are not settled by killing innocent people instead dialogues which can put things right.

“we have shared deep ways on how we can address the matter but I call for total peace and one will use the kingdom as a way of causing insecurity in the region” mukula narrated.

He is in plan to make the two kings meet at mweya hotel so that the two can share the ideas that bring differences in the region so that the escalating issues be handled instead of showing reactions by killing each other inform of revenge.

Mukula observed that most people in the region are farmers and the season has started if the political issues continue to develop in the region then poverty and hunger may kill many people in the district.

The Rwenzururu king charle Mumbere Irema-ngoma said for many occasions they have met with different stake holders and security officers on how to handle this issues but go contralley on what discussed which has continued to disatablise peace in the region,

“Of recent i asked the IGP to withdraw all deployments in the region so that people can not leave in panic insteady he deployed and brought the so called flying scared which has killed and shoot in brood day light to same royal guard yet I asked him to inform me if he identifies any bad element among those royal guards so that I can freely hand him over to the him instead of killing” omusinga said.

He asked the President for a dialogue and an independent commissioner of inquiry in ascertaining possible measures to end the violence in the Rwenzori region.

Mumbere however attributed issues related to the current escalating killings to people with unidentified motives but quickly added that Obusinga is committed to work with the president and security agencies toensure peace and stability.   

“There are wrong elements spoiling my name by giving false information to government tarnishing the image of Obusinga” Mumbere said.

Omusinga who says they are un-finished issues that need to be addressed in trust of an independent commissioner of inquiry condemns the heavy deployment in the region.