Sunday, 10 April 2016

No war in Rwenzori but political misunderstanding says Mike Mukula,

KASESE: There’s no war in Rwenzori but there’s need to investigate what is happening since Bakonzo, basongora, banyabindi and bamba have been closely living together for many years but no war was reported in the entire Rwenzori.

Speaking to thousands of people who had gathered at Rwenzori square to pray for peace “ under the theme “efforts on peace and reconciliation in Rwenzori region” organised by the inter religious council following killings that happened in the entire Rwenzori region which has left more than 40 people dead and 52 orphans in kasese district Capt. Micheal Mukula narrated that the problem has been investigated that the political leaders have destroyed the peace that was in the district by separating people who had solid unity that has kept development in the district for years.

“The problem needs a political solution not guns because the bakonzo, Basongora and Bamba are closely related who even fought to liberate from the colonialist and the Batoro to get Semuliki and Rwenzori district during Amini’s regime why fight now” mukala asked.

Mukula narrated that the region is know a battle field where by before independence the there was Rwenzururu rebellion, National resistance army (NRA), national army for the liberation of Uganda (Nalu), Allied democratic forces (ADF) such wars had left the area unstable but currently the area had regained peace and all tribes were working together without violence.

He added that fighting stated recently when political leaders started involving people in land through poor distribution and marginalization that sparked down wars in the Rwenzori and minority people were given protection leaving owners of the distributed land without any to benefit them. 

“Why is it happening now after distributing badly land in the district why was the fight not their” he asked.

He appealed to Abura Deo the Rwenzori east RPC to immediately withdraw the flying squad and use dialogues since there’s need to sit as Ugandans and find ways on how it can be solved but not pointing at each other as it has been happening and use of Guns to settle conflicts.

The preacher who turned the crowed with words of peace Retired Pr. Nassanel Walemba reading from Matthew 5:8,9 which says blessed are the peace makers because they shall be called the sons and daughters of God, blessed are those whose duties are aimed at peace for the lord shall call them his children.

Walemba narrated that the meaning of peace is much more from the peace that people talk about it more than seeing wars that people talk about but it’s all about caring for the needy, the hungry people those lacking houses to sleep, people suffering get to that then peace will be prevailed to maximum and one will be blessed.

Walemba added that people may think the situation only concerns those affected but this concerns every one basing on the fact that if one is a business man and people are running away he or she has no clients to sell product to since everyone is fleeing for his life.
“An eye for an eye will make every one blind” walemba quoted

If revenge becomes a talk of the day no one will survive.

The prayer was attended by all bishops from different denominations, the RDC, Mayor, division chairpersons, elected chairperson Five and members of parliament.

However early the Rwenzururu prime minister had asked Mukula to explain why matters of peace discussed are not under consideration yet big people talk about them, giving an example that when Mukula came on Saturday peace issues were discussed but on Sunday six people were shoot at the palace as they tried to arrest someone from the palace.