Sunday, 3 April 2016

Why kill and call them rebels yet you trained them Kasese political leaders ask Kayihura.

By Moris Mumbere

Why kill and call them rebels yet you trained them Kasese political leaders ask Kayihura.

By Moris Mumbere

KASESE:  "A team of 11 soldiers came in 2012 they were putting on black uniform sent by the IGP after a request i made to the inspector general of police to train the royal guards for me am wandering why they are called rebels" Omusinga said in an interview.

The Rwenzururu king has added his voice following the killings in Kasese district were political leaders both elect and losers have gathered to combine effort on how they can build peace in the region following incidents that have continued to occur where over fifteen people have been killed by police officers in the district.

“am wondering why the IGP does not take concern of his people killing those that he trained, imagine he trained over 86 royal guards at the site where the royal palace is to be constructed and his the same person who made a statement during the July 5th attack on TV asking who trained them how first has he forgotten” elected member of parliament Jackson Mbaju Katika said.

In a dialogue workshop under the theme “United we stand together, divided we fall together” held at catholic bishops hall where several analysts, Kasese catholic Bishop, Kasese protestant bishop, inter-religious council committee sheiks, KRC, both NRM and FDC local councilors, chairperson three and five, members of parliament both winners and losers had gathered for a common cause asking on the a way to make a better Kasese of peace, unity, without bloodshed.
As an analyst and a member of parliament elected Mbaju asked whether matters of peace discussed with the inspector general of police with stake holders are considered or he just comes in Kasese to make accountability before the president.
“after coronation a term of officers from kampala come to Kasese sent by the IGP to train the royal guards, the term was assisted by royal police officers whom the president gave to the king but among those trained one Yofesi Maate Mugoye is killed now what’s this” relatives said.
Mbaju remembered the meeting they held with the IGP and the Rwenzururu king at Margarita hotel where the king asked the IGP to always communicate to the king in case there’s any of the royal guards suspected to be destabilizing peace in the region so that he is handed over peacefully without putting his life to death but police has resisted and continued killing without clear reasons why royal guards are killed.
Mbaju further identified personal benefits which is killing our district where by the few people who the inspector general meet are the people who can’t reveal any statement to the people affected.
“When the IGP comes in the district he meets the elected Kasese municipal mayor, the chairperson five Mr. sibendire Bigogo they share what he had at pocket but fail to reach at those affected individually to hear their views but later to hear on radios that the IGP was here and said this and this without getting the view of the people affected”. Mbaju observed.
In Kasese since election over 13 people have been killed by police including one police officer where five of the killed are royal guards and others arrested whom eye witness see and police has not revealed the cause of arrest.
Among those who died are Nason Bwambale he survived with two wives and five children.  Jockus Musalira, he survived by one wife and three children.  James Wayakwa he survived with three children and one a wife. Saleri Kake he survived by one widow and nine children.  Uziah Mumbere Nyamingyi survived by three wives and 21 children, He was killed during night attack on a joint patrol of UPDF and Police in Hima town council. Geoffrey Kasimba a police man who was killed at Kidodo police post he survived by one wife and six children, Muhindo Donat he survived by one wife and one child, Kule Muzamiru a thirteen year old boy who was shot three times by soldiers at the tally Centre on 19th during the delay to declare the winners in the recent parliamentary and presidential candidates
Yesterday March 31, 2016 Yofesi Maate Mugoye a royal guard and a quarter master in the Buhukira Royal Palace was killed broad day light as he had been sent to buy food and was allegedly targeted by a flying squad who were travelling in a Subaru car Registration number UAW 090F at at  Sauliyako market after a quarrel with them.
Mbaju said all these are born Ugandan, blood of African but why continue without finding possible way of addressing this,
In a press briefing today at police headquarters in Kampala the IGP defended
police action of killing the Obusinga Bwarwenzururu royal guard
 yesterday describing it as an act of self defense.

Kayihura says that late Yofesi Mugoye could have not been killed
 should he have humbled himself before the police flying squad that conducted arrest on him outside Sauriyako market in Kasese town.

The Inspector General of police, who was addressing press at the police headquarters in Naguru-Kampala this afternoon, explained that the flying squad was working on information that the victim was part of assailants who attacked Kidodo police station and killed one policeofficer and took off with police gun which is up to now still missing.

In trying to execute the arrest against him by the flying squad, Kayihura says Mugoye reacted negatively and attempted to grab a gun from the flying squad, a situation he said led to the shooting at him before he died.
However the Obusinga Bwarwenzururu King His Majesty Charles Wesley Mumbere has a different version of the story, insisting that thecontinuous targeting of his royal guards has a hidden agenda.

Omusinga Mumbere blames the state for using police to intimidate and kill his subjects whom he say are innocent of whatever is going onwith the unrest in the Rwenzori region especially Kasese district.

Mumbere adds that the option police has taken of killing civilians openly will not help to calm the situation in the region but rather may further escalate the situation.
Mbaju further condemned most religious leaders who used to tell Christians to vote certain persons saying there our church member which started division in most churches during campaign forgetting that some church members are relative to same candidates.
He however advised those behind this killing game to stop because if ever one is to revenge in that order then relatives will react negatively.
The elected chairperson five Geoffrey Sibendire Bigogo observed that there’s a game played by political leaders who are in power how comes the violence in Hima reach to Buhuhira killing three yet no connection of the election in these two sub counties, and there after police connects the killings to the kingdom? Was the king connected to who the citizens should vote, how comes royal guard are being affected in such condition. Why haven’t the incumbent chairpersons LC5 for the district, Rt.Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo and the losing Members of parliament make a public address to the people?
“There’s a driving power behind these killings and royal guard arrests which the incumbent leaders don’t want to address” Bigogo said.
The bishop of South Rwenzori diocese, the rt.rev. Jackson Thembo Nzerebende condemned the act done by police of kidnapping royal guards in form of arresting which has caused more threats to people of Kasese.
“How do you came to me not in uniform, no identification and a warrant of arrest so that i can know that am in safe hands since the person is attached to police in steady of kidnapping me especially while in town” bishop said. 
He advised police to find ways of arresting people because it might be done in open and leaves others especially in markets to fight back.
The catholic bishop Francis Acqurinous Kibira urged politicians to find possible ways of solving issues rather than attacking government which might not be a solution to same issues.
The Muslim sheikh Nasib Musenene in his presentation of political, social and economic behavior urged government to know the solidarity of bakonzo who are always determined when the decede on what they want until they achieve it no matter the poor situation that government may push them which he used to request the Bakonzo to use in order to promote peace in the district.
Tear gas is never a solution to some issues in the country but instability in the district.
The FDC chairperson Saul Maate once in a press conference said, the term of those in leadership of the district will be ending after the new elected people swear in but all this that is happening in Kasese noon of them have reacted.
Who trained them?
According to some kingdom official who asked to be unanimous revealed that after coronation the IGP sent a group of officer to train royal guards and after training the kindom official received a certificate of pass out of 86 members to assist on security in the kingdom.