Wednesday, 30 September 2009


By John B. Thawite

Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Rwenzori Mountain National Park is a mountain range gazetted as a National Park in 1991. It covers 996 square km, with its highest peak, Margherita at 5,109 metres. Due to its international recognition, it was designated a world heritage site in 1994.

The mist-shrouded peaks of the mountains of the moon provide a stunning backdrop to this magnificent park, located on Uganda’s western border. In the center of the range, some of the peaks are permanently covered in snow and glaciers, while the lower slopes are covered with dense forests. Here is the third highest mountain in Africa, Mt Margherita, which rises to 5100 metres above sea level. Walking tours in the foothills are a feature, although only the experienced and fit t should attempt an ascent on the peaks, which rival the Alps in difficulty. Some of the wildlife to be found in the mountains includes the chimpanzees, along with the blue monkey, hyrax, giant forest hog and many unique bird species such as the Rwenzori touraco, the francolin and the olive pigeon.


• Water falls

• Rivers, notable among them being, rivers, Maghoma, Mubuku and Bujuku.

• Lakes, notable among them being, lakes Maghoma, Bujuku and Kitandara.

• Primates which include, blue monkeys, black and white Colubus monkeys and chimpanzees

• Plants which include among others the giant lobelia and everlasting flower.

• Multiple zones/ecosystem including grassland, Montana forest zone, bamboo zone, enyehathius / Heather zone, Afro Alpine zone.

• Rock shelters which include, Kabamba, Bujongolo.

• Three horned chameleon (endemic).

• Rwenzori touraco.

Current activities

i. Mountaineering

ii. Primate viewing

iii. Bird viewing

iv. Nature walks

v. Research

vi. Filming

vii. Scenic viewing.

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